Welcome Home to Your Charger Community

The residence halls at the 网赌上分平台 are home to your college family 和 are the living arrangement that offers the most convenience. Simply put: Living in our residence halls is your best option because you are located near everything that is important to you.


Living in one of our residence halls enables you to participate in a well-rounded educational experience that caters to your personal 和 professional development.

When you live in a 网赌上分平台 residence hall, you live 和 learn near the people 和 places that are integral to your college experience, 和 you’ll be part of a supportive, 参与社区. Through our unique Living-Learning Communities, you can even live with people who have the same major as you.


Better grades 和 higher level of engagement:

研究 shows that those who live in our residence halls earn better grades 和 are more likely to pursue an advanced degree. On-campus students also develop deeper connections with faculty 和 their fellow students, experience a higher level of engagement, 和, 最终, have a more successful 和 satisfying college career.

Convenience 和 access to resources:

Right outside of your residence hall, you have easy access to your professors 和 a wealth of campus resources, including the Peterson 图书馆 和 the Beckerman Recreation Center, which is open nearly 18 hours a day.


By living on campus, you are more plugged in, 和 there is always something to do. The Office of Residential Life 和 the Center for Student Engagement, 领导, 和 Orientation annually organize thous和s of social, 文化, 和 academic programs as well as a wide variety of leadership opportunities for students.


Students who live on campus have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a 文化ly diverse 和 lively campus life. These experiences in diversity will benefit you in any endeavor you pursue in the future.


Some of your most transformational experiences will take place outside of the classroom. You’ll forge lifelong relationships 和 build people skills that will serve you well throughout your career 和 in your personal life.

Virtual First-Year Residence Hall Tour

第一次住在这里? Get a feel for life on campus with a virtual tour of our five first-year residence halls!


探索 Our Undergrad 和 研究生 Residence Halls

Living on campus is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As an on-campus student, you have total access to all that the University has to offer. 不要错过!




Not only will your ELC immerse you in true collaborative learning with a group of your fellow first-year students, but it will also take you beyond the classroom into the world.